Writesonic AI Article Writer Tool for Marketeers at The Best Price

Writesonic AI Article Writer Tool for Marketeers

Writesonic An Artificial Intelligence Tool for Marketeers


Writesonic AI Article Writer Tool for Marketeers

What is Writesonic?


Writesonic is a set of writing tools powered by artificial intelligence to help you write a better marketing copy without any hassle. It’s like a copywriter in your pocket, ready to help with any type of content you need – from ads on Facebook and Google to landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts and more. Writesonic can not only help you create content, but can also generate ideas for your next startups or growth hacks that take your business to the next level,
or even titles for your YouTube videos.

As a multi-tasking writer, one of the hardest things you can do is break a document you’ve written into a small number of paragraphs, such as a blog post.

Many different authors use different methods

Some authors can make it as difficult as possible by simply writing large blocks of text without adding any substance. The advantage of this approach is that you can make a quick hole in your writing in a short time and you will not waste your precious time on anything.

Here comes Writesonic, to help you not only create ideas, but also to help you organize what you already have.

How does it work? When you start a Writesonic project, you can start writing your first idea right after choosing from a variety of templates. Available templates include landing pages, copy templates, articles, ads, and more.

The AI ​​system then captures your ideas as a general brief description and creates a sketch. Once you have your sketch, you can continue with the software and make a more complete copy for you.

Writesonic AI Article Writer Tool for Marketeers

If you don’t like the first copy, you can stay on the edit button until you find the one you like. You can also edit the copy as needed within the tool and then run or download it. Say goodbye to large, endless walls of text – no matter how long your article or copy lasts.

Writesonic AI Article Writer Tool for Marketeers

Software features


This software has more than 40 types of copies that you can use. Let’s take a look at some of the most important.

Web copy

This feature allows you to create SEO landing pages, headers and meta descriptions.

Digital copy of advertising

The section includes adding copies for LinkedIn ads, Google ads and Facebook ads. Users will soon be able to copy for Twitter and Instagram ads as well. Blog article / copy

An author of articles with artificial intelligence is a quick way to generate blog ideas, introductions and sketches. You can also overwrite or extend previously written content. The content translator can generate up to three different tones from previously written songs. This feature also includes a readability tag and a grammar correction.

Copy to eCommerce

Are you interested in advertising your products or writing about them on Amazon? E-commerce Copy is specially designed for you. Here you can use Writesonic to create product names, product descriptions, product features and sponsored ads. In addition to the above, this feature can also help you write marketing emails.

Formulas for copywriting

Whether you’re doing formal copywriting or many other journalistic articles, you can be sure that artificial intelligence has the wisdom to get started with standard copywriting formulas. As you type, you can use AI to create a copy written in AIDA as a Pain-Agitate-Solution model.

Writesonic AI Article Writer Tool for Marketeers

Prices and plans


Writesonic has a number of cheap and flexible plans available to users. You can use a free trial, a monthly subscription to suit your needs, or use the pay-as-you-go option.

If you’re not sure if Writesonic is right for you or your business, you can start a free trial. The free trial comes with all the features mentioned and is available in 25 languages. However, one user can use the free trial. Bloggers, freelance writers or students may find that a basic plan is right for them. This plan costs only $ 10 to $26.67 a month and has the same features available in the free trial.

Professional freelancers can pay $ 13 to $666.00 a month and earn unlimited credits. All functions are available in this plan, but only one user can use the application again.

There are two plans for businesses. Startups and small businesses can pay $ 95 per month for the Startup Plan. This plan also comes with all the features, unlimited credits and a maximum of 2 user seats. This plan is further strengthened by the inclusion of priority support. In the near future, novice users will be able to use browser extensions and Shopify.

The largest plan available is the Agency Plan, which allows four users. $ 195 a month provides companies and agencies with all available features, including the standard requirement feature. The office plan will also have a white label in the near future.

If you don’t think you’re going to use this tool but enjoy its features, you may want to sign up for a monthly subscription. Just use the PAYG (Pay as you Go) function.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Writesonic




Let’s start with the pros. First, you can start for free. Second, its use is very easy. Third, have full access to all the tools for writing it. Fourth, it’s a simple content entry process. Ultimately, it will help you get better organized in a few days.

The good thing about the free trial is that it has access to all the features. That you have a very good idea of ​​how the software will work before you decide to spend money on it.

Individual plans, such as basic and independent plans, are still very cheap. If you are a freelance writer who generates a decent income each month, a fee of $ 45 is easy to pay.

The pay-as-you-go feature is so great. With all these web applications and productive software available, it is very tempting to sign up for anyone right now. I know there are a lot of applications on my computer that I thought I’d use, but many of them accumulate dust. If Writesonic is something you feel you won’t use much, but want to keep it in the package, then pay for what you use on the go. It would be nice if more applications had this feature.

Even if you sign up for a monthly subscription, you don’t have to sign any binding contracts. You have the right to cancel at any time.

Other favorable opinions

  • “The quality of the created content is unique, attractive and high quality. Finally satisfied with AI copywriting.”
  • “The distribution of topics and dedicated tools make it a very good tool. The Italian version is good.”
  • “I haven’t paid the premium yet, but I’m very impressed and subscribe to one of their packages. I’ve tried several other copywriting tools and Writesonic is the best so far.”
  • “I’m more than happy right now. It’s good that it works in more languages ​​and gives good results.”



Although a free trial is available, it only allows one user at a time. That it can be difficult for agencies and midsize companies to try for free.

Startup and agency plans currently allow only a small number of users. Some businesses may need many people to write for them, even if it is a small or half business. That purchasing a plan that has only two or four user areas may not be enough for some companies.

Who is Writesonic for?


As mentioned earlier, Writesonic has membership plans for individuals and businesses. A busy freelance writer will certainly be able to take advantage of the many features available in the software. If you are a freelancer and write articles in long format, short blog posts or social copies, you can use Writesonic. However, a freelancer who can’t do a lot of work may not need it yet.

Agencies can use this software to create web content, marketing emails, and social media advertising campaigns for any available social media tool. This tool can also help you write a copy of YouTube. So if you’re an office with a large number of clients, you can handle even tighter conversion times with this writing assistant. Keep in mind that since startups and agency memberships have only 2 to 4 user posts, companies need to think very carefully about who the user sites are.

E-commerce brands can definitely benefit from the ability to write product descriptions directly for social media and Amazon. Marketing teams can use tons of copywriting pieces. Copying can take a lot of time and effort. This writing aid will at least help make your production more efficient.

Are educational resources available?

Writesonic does not expect everyone to automatically set off on a treadmill. The tool is very easy to use with a very clean user interface. However, the creators have compiled a very nice resource page that provides user instructions for all their features. You can be sure that when you register in the software, you will be a pro in every way.

There’s also a link to join the group on Facebook so you can ask other users questions.

Writesonic video tutorial

In this video, I provide a brief guide to writing Writesonic. The best way to learn this tool is to use it and play with it until you figure things out. But I hope this video helps you get started.




Whether you are a freelance writer or an agency that hires writers, you can understand how much work and time can be done with each work. A full charge inside can be stressful. So it’s great to have an AI writing assistant available for both freelancers and companies.

I’m amazed at how smarter and more useful artificial intelligence is.

Writesonic A useful tool with a very clean interface. During the free trial, I took a crutch and it was very easy to register and get started. Once your email is verified, you can literally go to your profile page and start typing right away. All the features are at your disposal, whether you want to create an article, a copy on social networks or a product description.

One of the many good things about this tool is that if you’re a writer in a particular niche, you can easily start moving to another niche when using Writesonic services. Although I enjoy writing articles and blogs, I tend to try what kind of advertising I can create. I was very impressed to use their LinkedIn feature. I really planned to test what snippets of content the software would get for my LinkedIn profile.

The price of the software is also attractive. As already mentioned, individual plans are relatively inexpensive. Whether you pay just $ 15 for a basic plan or $ 45 for a professional freelance plan, membership fees pay quickly. If you even get one freelance job, these memberships will go almost unnoticed.

My main criticism concerns the user areas that companies and agencies have at their disposal. An agency or business is likely to need more than two or 4 user sites. – especially if they can create a large amount of written content. I think there is a way around this if the agencies have some general emails that they can use to log in to the software. They can share a general email with several different users.

Also, I think it is good that the software has instructions on its website. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, adding educational resources makes this software even better.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this advanced AI writing assistant will continue to grow in the future – I just hope it can’t be replaced by real writers!

You can purchase it by clicking here or on the image below.


Video from Maliha (YouTube)

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